Serious Metal Detecting Review

To visit the most interesting role of an advanced treasure hunt, which will explore many locations, you can only in a realistic simulator “Serious Metal Detecting“. It is a curious thing suggested developers Basco Artem and Nikita Markin, who, apparently, realized his own dream of his offspring.

In the process of passing an exciting simulator 2017 will help the gamer to act as a real value seeker who will visit many wonderful territories. The character is waiting for a lot of exciting discoveries, interesting travel and a lot of ambiguous adventures. All items and things found by the hero, in the future you can sell for virtual money. The player will be able to buy more perfect equipment for the resources he gets. The more expensive and modern the device, the more you can find value, because you will agree-to look for treasure with an advanced metal detector is much more effective than with a device that does not have sufficient characteristics and power. Also, you can use the best metal detector for beginners Garrett Ace 250 for metal detecting and find your first big treasures!

Decided to download Serious Metal Detecting, don’t worry about the findings – they are sure to be many. The locations are hidden a lot of interesting things: it’s gold products, iron gizmos and various decorations, but, of course, periodically come across and small things. It is very interesting to find any little thing from the past. During the game, the character will also be able to find the remains of old buildings and entire settlements that have long disappeared from history, as well as solve many ancient mysteries. Take in the hands of the coolest metal detector and look for those items that have been lying in the ground for many years and waited for such an experienced treasure hunter. Let’s choose the best metal detectors and jerk for finds!

What is Xbox Live and Why Do You Need It?

Under this material you will find the tag “partner material”, but in fact, I’m ready without it to tell you about Xbox Live and its benefits. For almost five years of using the service, I have never had any complaints about it. Unless the account was stolen once, but the technical support problem quickly and without unnecessary difficulties solved. I was unhappy with the console directly, was dissatisfied with the policy of Microsoft, but the online functionality of the Xbox has always been the benchmark. Below I will briefly talk about the main features of Xbox Live and share personal experience of its use.

What is this – Xbox Live?

Obviously, an online service from Microsoft. However, if you have not had any Xbox before, then your knowledge of “live” can end there. In short, the Xbox Live-a store of games, movies and music, plus a network platform for multiplayer modes in games. Today, however, it is added to this and streaming services that allow you to watch movies, TV shows and live broadcasts from various events. Operates and develops the whole thing already since 2002 and run at the first Xbox. Then the online functionality on the game console was almost a sensation.


What’s Special in Xbox Live?

Special in it – the speed and stability of the connection. Such simple but important things. Not so long ago, even an independent analytical Agency wrote about this. For us, this means extremely rare discounts, a comfortable network game and the highest possible speed of downloading content (I have through the cable gives an honest 100 megabits) — then Microsoft holds the brand. And it’s not just about the games. I, for example, often watch live broadcasts on WWE Network via Xbox Live: the image quality is much better than when viewed through a browser on a PC, the connection almost never disappears. Streaming with Netflix also works fine, and recently on the Xbox one in full force and earned the Russian online cinema ivi, now the owners of the console are available paid premieres and premium subscription.

What About Social Functionality?

To some extent, Xbox Live is a social network. There is a detailed profile of the player, collecting his achievements, the ability to communicate with other players in the text, voice and video chat, the ability to join clubs, show off achievements, that’s all. You can publish screenshots, videos (Xbox One can record them) and even just text messages in your feed, as in the same “Twitter”. If such things are interesting to you — Live will not disappoint.

Xbox Live is Only on Xbox Consoles?

No, on Windows too. In some way. First appeared on Vista and was called Games for Windows Live. Problems with him were more than good, and the service was closed in 2013. With the release of Windows 10 more or less normal “live” appeared on the PC as an application for Xbox. All social functionality is available here. Using this app you can stream the image with the Xbox One on a PC. The quality of streaming is good and you can play with a convenient gamepad, even if the Xbox One does not support it — almost life hack. The application with similar functionality, but without streaming is on smartphones.

Well, What is Xbox Live Gold?

The standard Xbox Live, which was once called “silver”, allows you to enjoy almost all the benefits of the service, except for the game on the network. Yes, drive in the evening with friends in the multiplayer Halo 5 without a paid subscription will not work. But it was always so, here you can only accept.

So I’m Actually Paying Money Just for Playing Online?

Once it was, but now for gold subscribers the program games with Gold. In fact, it is an analogue of PS Plus – every month you get a pack of free games. Exclusive discounts are also in place, sometimes very good, especially during mass sales.

What are Those Games?

During this year, subscribers received Mirror’s Edge, WWE 2K16, Forza Horizon, XCOM, The Crew, Lords of the Fallen and much more for free. Even my favourite Sunset Overdrive was a five-minute to a ten-minute game. Prohodnyak is extremely rare, frankly failed months have not happened for two years. Quite fresh projects often fall into the list. A lot of great games with Xbox 360 (do not forget about backward compatibility). And the” big ” indie projects also Shine – that’s The Banner Saga 2 at all at the same time with the release on Xbox one was available to gold subscribers for free.

Xbox 360 Games

No, you can install games for Xbox 360 from discs and download them from the store without a gold subscription. The prices for classics, by the way, are extremely democratic, I even those things that I have on disks buy more in figure — so it is much more convenient. But if you want to drive an old game on the network, you can not do without Gold-status.

And Cross-Platform Multiplayer Xbox Live Supports

Yeah, since the Xbox 360. The most recent examples are Gears of War 4. It can be together with a friend playing on the PC and multiplayer run, and the campaign held. Given that now slowly there is an integration of Windows and Xbox into a single ecosystem – in the future, such games will become more and more. Moreover, Microsoft is not against cross-platform multiplayer even between Xbox One and PS4, the case for Sony.

If I Bought the Gears of War 4 on Xbox One, But Want to Play it on PC, I Must Buy the Game Again?

No, Gears of War 4 is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. By purchasing a game for one platform, you get a copy for another. Even saves can be moved. Of course, we are talking about digital versions. I already use this function in full-in Forza Horizon 3 regularly I drive both on the PC, and on Xbox One, and I began to ReCore to take place on a prefix, but finished already on the laptop. Convenience is obvious.

VALHALL: Medieval Battle Game By Ukrainian Developers Blackrose Arts

Last week, a young Ukrainian Studio Blackrose Arts launched on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo fundraising for a new gaming PC-project called VALHALL. Developers call VALHALL the first medieval game in the genre popular now “Royal battle”. The project promises to be hardcore, as befits a Royal battle, with outstanding combat mechanics and other features.

Events VALHALL develop in Valhalla, where the best warriors Odin back to get a sword and stop Ragnarok. In German-Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla is a heavenly Palace in Asgard, a Paradise for valiant warriors. Players (up to 50 people at a time) will have to fight with other contenders for death, in order to become the only worthy to raise the sword of Odin and save Midgard.

At the moment, there is a debut trailer, which allows to assess the features of the VALHALL gameplay.

The battles themselves can be held from both first and third person.

In VALHALL swords, axes, bows, shields and other items of equipment on the tradition of the genre are scattered throughout the map. The map itself is divided into four separate zones with its advantages and disadvantages. These areas, among other things, differ in weather conditions that affect the gameplay.

In addition, the card is programmed to slow destruction under the influence of gravitational anomaly. The latter literally gradually narrows the boundaries of the game world, splitting all objects into small particles (screenshot below).

In VALHALL even found a place parkour, so the Vikings will be able to effectively climb the tall medieval towers.

The developers also promise to optimize the game so that it provides a decent level of graphics with relatively low iron requirements. There is no exact list of minimum and recommended system requirements yet, but there is a video showing the game running at maximum settings at 60 fps on a system with Intel Core i5 4690k and GTX 960.

This summer, the developers plan to release VALHALL in early access Steam, but this is provided that everything goes according to plan.

As noted above, the release of the game developers are trying to Finance through the site Indiegogo. And while campaign is not successful: at the time of writing the news collected was $13740 – 46% from its original goal of $30 thousand However, the time, the developers still have until the end of the campaign remains 18 days. By the way, a contribution of $15 guarantees access to the version of VALHALL in Steam Early Access and a full copy of the game after its official release. Other lots with a higher Deposit amount, in addition to the game, include more different filling sets with game items.

The developers have set a few goals, in addition to the minimum, although their achievement is questionable. For example, if the project receives more than $50 thousand, they promise to add the opportunity to travel to Valhalla on horseback or Drakkar, and the capture of the highest line of $500 thousand would allow you to count on a VALHALL tournament and a unique combat mode.

CD Projekt Red Had Announced The New RPG “Cyberpunk 2077” On E3 2018

After 5 years of deep suspended silence, Cyberpunk 2077’s Twitter account finally showed some signs of life. It happened a few months ago. After that, began to circulate rumors about the intention of the company CD Projekt Red show the game this year. And now these rumors have been indirectly confirmed.

The official program of the gaming exhibition E3 2018 contains information that during the event, the company CD Projekt Red will present a mysterious game in the genre of RPG. Despite the fact that the name of the game project is not mentioned, there is reason to assume that it is about Cyberpunk 2077.

Earlier this year, representatives of CD Projekt Red told about their vision of the further development of Cyberpunk 2077. It is planned that the new project will become a big, ambitious franchise blockbuster with its special futuristic world. Cyberpunk 2077 will attract players of its “true role component”. The game will be a quarter or half RPG it will be a real role-playing project, similar to the “Witcher 3”. Cyberpunk 2077 world is created manually with the study of many small details, while offering “open gameplay”. In addition, the universe of the game will exist without restrictions, as it was in the case of the “Witcher 3”, tied to a particular world. This helps the team to add a variety of creative solutions to the game. As for the gameplay and the quality of interactive experience, these two components are the main priorities of development.

Previously circulated rumors claimed that the first gameplay video CD Project Red will show investors in the upcoming exhibition E3 2018 behind closed doors. And the approximate release date of Cyberpunk 2077 will be in 2019.

First “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” Screenshots Has Been Hacked!

The official event from Square Enix, at which the developers will tell details about the upcoming game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, has not yet begun, and the network has already published the first set of screenshots, artwork and even a cinematic trailer of the game.

Screenshots allow you to evaluate the visual style of design, various locations and even weapons Lara Croft:

« 1 of 7 »

In turn, the cinematic trailer shows not the real gameplay, but rather the overall mood and rhythm of the future game. Accordingly, the gameplay video is expected later.

Recall that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be a direct continuation of the second part of Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was released in 2015. Unlike the first two parts of the restarted tomb Raider franchise (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015), which was developed by Crystal Dynamics Studio, the final part of the trilogy was created by the developer Eidos Montreal, who worked on projects such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The game will be released on September 14, 2018 on all major platforms including PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

After the official event, we will update the information with at least minimum PC requirements and other details.

Square Enix told the details about different versions of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Buyers of Standard Edition will receive a basic version of the game and a little extra content in the form of a booster, dynamic theme for PS4, Wallpapers for desktop, turn, the version of Digital Deluxe Edition, among other things, will provide access to the soundtrack, additional weapons and skins, but most importantly — the opportunity to play 48 hours before the official release in Early Access mode.

The Croft Edition includes all content from the Digital Deluxe Edition plus three additional sets of skins and weapons, as well as access to the Season Pass. Finally, true fans should choose the Ultimate Edition with a full set of content, as well as a souvenir figure Lara Croft, flashlight and bottle opener in the form of an axe heroine.

New Release! GTA V: Premium Online Edition

Rockstar Games has introduced a new edition of its best-selling Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition for PS4, Xbox one and PC platforms. In fact, the new version is a bundle, including a full story mode GTA: V, free access to the open world Grand Theft Auto Online and all previously released materials and updates, including “Robbery “doomsday Heist” (The Doomsday Heist), “arms Trade” (Gunrunning), “Smugglers” (Smuggler’s Run), “Bikers” (Bikers) and more.

In addition, the buyer will receive a starter kit “Criminal organization” which includes the most popular game items with a total value of more than $ 10 million GTA, as well as a cash bonus of $ 1 million GTA. Thus, Rockstar Games hopes to attract new users who have not purchased the game immediately after the release, and now do not see the point of joining it, because they do not want to be at the initial stage of the development of his character.

At the moment on Steam edition GTA 5: Premium Online Edition costs $84.99 (in the US), but during the next sale the cost will certainly be even lower, so do not rush to buy this bundle at a standard price. In turn, the cost of publication on consoles in American accounts is $ 79.99.

Recall that since the release in 2013, the game GTA V sold 90 million copies and brought the creators of $6 billion, which is significantly more than the most popular movies (but still less than the World of Warcraft, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Street Fighter 2).

EA Games Gives The “They Shall Not Pass” Mod For Battlefield 1 FOR FREE!

EA Games company feat The Studio DICE decided to arrange an attraction unheard of generosity and free to give players the first addition “They Shall Not Pass” to the game Battlefield 1. But the game itself is still distributed on a paid basis. Although it is available as a trial version. If the user does not have a Battlefield 1 game, he can still get a free add-on, but it will be possible to use it only after buying the game (or a long wait, when it may also be offered for free).

Recall Supplement “They Shall Not Pass” was released at the end of March last year and diversified Battlefield 1 introduction of the French army and four maps, which are picturesque corners of the Fifth (then — Third) Republic during the First world war.

Now you can get this add-on for free on Origin website at the following address or in the same application service. Also, the offer is valid for owners of Xbox One version of Battlefield 1. A 100% discount is offered at the Microsoft store. Version for the PlayStation 4 has not participated in the action. The free distribution of the Supplement They Shall Not Pass will last for two weeks.

Breaking Sales Of Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo ended its regular fiscal year on March 31, and today the Japanese manufacturer has published a report on it.

And according to the results of the last financial year, the company was able to implement more than 15 million switch consoles. That is the console completely lives up to all expectations assigned to it, to be exact even will surpass. Nintendo originally hoped for annual sales of 10 million units, but in October last year increased the plan for sales to 14 million, and in January to 15 million in Total since the start of sales 3 March last year, Nintendo managed to implement of 17.79 million consoles, significantly surpassing the result of the Wii U in five years, equal to 13.56 million units shipped.

Of course, the success and excellent sales of the Switch console provided Nintendo with very good financial results. In particular, the operating profit for the 12-month period from 31 March 2017 to 31 March 2018 amounted to 178 billion Japanese yen (about $1.62 billion). This is 505% more than a year earlier. Consolidated revenues grew by 106% to 1.06 trillion  Japanese yen (about $9.66 billion).

The company also notes that by the end of the last fiscal year sold 10 million copies of the game Super Mario Odyssey, 9 million copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 6 million copies Splatoon 2 and more than 5 million copies of the SNES Classic Edition.

Nintendo expects even better results in the current fiscal year, predicting an operating profit of 225 billion yen ($2.06 billion) and revenue of 1.2 trillion yen (about $ 10.98 billion). Plan to supply the game console Nintendo Switch this year-20 million units. Nintendo believes that the recently introduced Labo children’s cardboard designer will help attract new users.

Along with the announcement of the financial results Nintendo announced the change of head. To be precise, 68-year-old Tatsumi Kimishima will be replaced by the current member of the Board of Directors, 46-year-old Syuntaro Furukawa. Tatsumi Kimishima was appointed President of Nintendo in 2015, after the death of Satoru Iwata and the appointment was regarded as temporary.

God of War: Best PS4 Exclusive Game!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that God of War has become the best seller exclusive PlayStation 4 game in its history. During the first three days of sales, gamers have bought 3.1 million copies of the game, which significantly exceeds the results of previous leaders of Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

God of War
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Recall that sales restart popular franchise God of War started on Friday 20 April, and the record result was recorded at the end of the first weekend sales on Sunday 22 April 2018.

“I would like to personally thank each of the millions of fans of the game around the world, who decided to go with us and Kratos in another journey. Your support inspires us to even greater achievements and further development of God of War” — said the head of CamStudio Sony Santa Monica Shannon Studstill.

Note that Sony were pleasantly surprised not only by the number of sold copies of the game, but also by the speed with which they were sold. For example, Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End from Naughty Dog Studio collected 2.7 million copies in its first week of sales, and Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla games took two weeks to reach 2.6 million copies.

Release date: 2018
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Platforms: PS4


Recall that the eighth game in the series God of War for PS4 was a restart of the series, it moved the characters from Greek mythology into a colder and darker world of Scandinavian gods. Replace lost in the last part of the series of blades Kratos got more appropriate in a new setting battle axe that has magical powers, and son-partner “Boy” of Atreus.

In addition to the standard edition of God of War (PS4) for $59.99, the game is available in the Collector’s Edition ($129.99), Stone Mason Edition ($149.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99), which differ by the presence of the artbook, comic books, figurines and in-game items (weapons, shields, armor, etc.). The most dedicated fans can buy a special version Of the PlayStation 4 Pro, decorated in the style of the axe Kratos.


City Of Brass: Treasures Of The Genie

City of Brass – is dungeon crawl based on the same fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights” from the Uppercut Games Studio, created by Irrational Games Australia ex-developers, at the time worked on such games as Fallout: Tactics, Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance, Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and the Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

City Of Brass

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One 
Languages: English, Russian
The Developers: Uppercut Games
Publisher: Uppercut Games

Although Irrational games Australia existed until 2015, many people were forced to leave the Studio after a failure undervalued gamers and press The Bureau: XCOM Declassified; actually then, in 2011, and was created Uppercut games. You probably know the work of this Studio, not bad mobile shooters Epoch, Epoch 2 or touching adventure game Submerged, which we wrote. City of Brass, the company’s new project for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, has been in Steam Early access since September 2017 and finally  realized in Star Wars Day (May 4, 2018).

The whole story of City of Brass fits in a short video shown at the start of the game, and surely you know it by “One Thousand and One Nights”. An old lamp, a Genie, a careless desire, and a sand-filled lost city full of treasures. Go and get them or die trying.

City of Brass is the classic dungeon crawl. Dungeons are randomly generated when you start a new game. Enemies, traps, rooms and corridors are placed randomly, causing sometimes completely crazy from the point of view of the architecture of the levels. Saving is not provided, you have to get to the last level in one sitting, it takes about an hour, or use the portal (it still needs to be opened during one of the passages), which will take you to the fourth, seventh or tenth level. All “floors” thirteen, every third you will Mini-Bosses, in the last three Mega-Bosses.

City Of Brass
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The task is simple – to get to the three large gins, prisoners in the depths of the Copper city and free him from the curse. All as usual, try not to fall into the trap (and here is all the classics like copies in the floor, cut in half, davilok, fiery pits, etc.), fighting with treasure guards, warriors, mages and monsters (statues moving until they are not looking, in the style of angels from Doctor Who – the best!), and, of course, scanning all the corners, collect the gold and other valuable trinkets. However, gold is not an end in itself, on each floor there are enough genies-traders who for a moderate amount will help you survive: will make up for health, will call for the help of an ally or just sell a useful thing in battle, new armor or weapons.

Your nameless character is armed with a whip, which allows you to stun enemies, pull lying far away treasures, objects or enemies, jump over obstacles and generally move quickly, using the rings available in the ceiling. Indispensable to any thief, I’m sorry, archaeologist, thing. In the other hand we have a scimmy, of course, in order to fend off the most annoying Museum guards. Both weapons can be replaced or found in treasure chests or bought from gins improved. Enough options, from the fire and slows the whip to rapier, repulsive clubs, etc.

By the way, the ability to attract and repel opponents is not as useless as it may seem at first glance: to throw the enemy into the abyss or to pull into a trap – a quick and easy way to get rid of obsessive care. And with the help of a whip, you can blow up explosive objects that occur in a Copper city in abundance. In addition, enemies can still throw all sorts of grenades, setting fire to their oil lamps, etc. Like the fight at the City Of Brass is not very intense, but fun, considering all available means of destruction of enemies, and very complex.

No experience our hero in the process of descent into the dungeon does not earn experience he gets only after the heroic death, and they, of course, will be a lot. Yes, City of Brass works on the good old principle of Live. Die. Repeat, erected in the absolute Edge of Tomorrow, that’s just because of the random generation of levels to learn the location of enemies here will not work.

Each new passage you can simplify or complicate it with a system of burden and blessing. Reduce the number of enemies or traps, remove the constantly ticking timer, forcing you to frantically look for a way out, strengthen yourself beautiful. Or strengthen enemies, add their revival, to include the eternal night and so on the one hand, it seems to increase the replay value, on the other hand, I think City Of Brass completely different problems.

The fact is that despite the dungeon generator, after the tenth attempt, you will realize that even chaotic levels can be repetitive and monotonous, because they are collected, though at random, but from the same boring parts. Collect gold figurines and cut a thousandth of a dead man is not so much fun. The game has no plot, but also any sane purpose. Try another hundred times to pass ten boring levels and kill the bad guys in the end-it’s not the goal, it’s the illusion of the goal, as well as the competition for the position in the ranking of friends.

Despite the variety of weapons and enemies, the gameplay of City of Brass is actually also quite monotonous. Know yourself stun, throw, Dodge and ruby. After a couple hours, all of this is done almost automatically. Yes, in the second half of the game to appear more interesting opponents, prabhadevi your kick, closing the huge shields, but, you should get hold of the whip abruptly, and they, too, will cease to be a problem. I particularly recommend the fiery whip.

City Of Brass is made on Unreal Engine 4, but don’t expect this game more realistic and high poly models. Slightly cartoonish graphics, simple model and stylized Oriental tales, UE4 here simply have nowhere to turn.

At first glance, City of Brass looks promising, and the players who tried the game in the Early access, put it in advance rather high marks. In fact this dungeon crawl turned out to be too monotonous, quickly bored and devoid of any purpose. Alas, the random generation of levels and the use of the “One Thousand and One Nights” style is not able to make this game better.

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