Breaking Sales Of Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo ended its regular fiscal year on March 31, and today the Japanese manufacturer has published a report on it.

And according to the results of the last financial year, the company was able to implement more than 15 million switch consoles. That is the console completely lives up to all expectations assigned to it, to be exact even will surpass. Nintendo originally hoped for annual sales of 10 million units, but in October last year increased the plan for sales to 14 million, and in January to 15 million in Total since the start of sales 3 March last year, Nintendo managed to implement of 17.79 million consoles, significantly surpassing the result of the Wii U in five years, equal to 13.56 million units shipped.

Of course, the success and excellent sales of the Switch console provided Nintendo with very good financial results. In particular, the operating profit for the 12-month period from 31 March 2017 to 31 March 2018 amounted to 178 billion Japanese yen (about $1.62 billion). This is 505% more than a year earlier. Consolidated revenues grew by 106% to 1.06 trillion  Japanese yen (about $9.66 billion).

The company also notes that by the end of the last fiscal year sold 10 million copies of the game Super Mario Odyssey, 9 million copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 6 million copies Splatoon 2 and more than 5 million copies of the SNES Classic Edition.

Nintendo expects even better results in the current fiscal year, predicting an operating profit of 225 billion yen ($2.06 billion) and revenue of 1.2 trillion yen (about $ 10.98 billion). Plan to supply the game console Nintendo Switch this year-20 million units. Nintendo believes that the recently introduced Labo children’s cardboard designer will help attract new users.

Along with the announcement of the financial results Nintendo announced the change of head. To be precise, 68-year-old Tatsumi Kimishima will be replaced by the current member of the Board of Directors, 46-year-old Syuntaro Furukawa. Tatsumi Kimishima was appointed President of Nintendo in 2015, after the death of Satoru Iwata and the appointment was regarded as temporary.