EA Games Gives The “They Shall Not Pass” Mod For Battlefield 1 FOR FREE!

EA Games company feat The Studio DICE decided to arrange an attraction unheard of generosity and free to give players the first addition “They Shall Not Pass” to the game Battlefield 1. But the game itself is still distributed on a paid basis. Although it is available as a trial version. If the user does not have a Battlefield 1 game, he can still get a free add-on, but it will be possible to use it only after buying the game (or a long wait, when it may also be offered for free).

Recall Supplement “They Shall Not Pass” was released at the end of March last year and diversified Battlefield 1 introduction of the French army and four maps, which are picturesque corners of the Fifth (then — Third) Republic during the First world war.

Now you can get this add-on for free on Origin website at the following address or in the same application service. Also, the offer is valid for owners of Xbox One version of Battlefield 1. A 100% discount is offered at the Microsoft store. Version for the PlayStation 4 has not participated in the action. The free distribution of the Supplement They Shall Not Pass will last for two weeks.