FIFA 18 Review

For several years, the FIFA series from EA Sports is not just a game about football, it managed to become a part of the football world in real life: players share in social networks opinion about their ratings in the game and photographed with their cards from Fut. FIFA somehow resonates with our world. Admittedly, the wide popularity of the series is absolutely justified: the Canadian football simulator has never stood still, with each part multiplying its splendour. FIFA 18 did not break out of the General trend: EA Sports has made a new round in the development of the series.

What’s New?

EA Sports has always skillfully worked with the game mechanics of FIFA: developers annually make point improvements, change the emphasis in the balance sheet, and now the new release is felt quite different than the previous one.

The gameplay of FIFA 18 has changed quite a lot — I told about some innovations in the first impressions. In short, there is mainly about heavy players, reduced starting speed and improved dribbling and ball control. But this change in the gameplay is not over.

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One of the main improvements-much (and it’s not an exaggeration) clever artificial intelligence, significantly transformed some aspects of the game. In FIFA 18, players see the field much better: the defence plays better positionally, trying to leave less room for the enemy; teammates better feel the moment, making timely runs into free zones, maintaining the rhythm of the attack. Thanks to improved intelligence, a completely different colour were gained by one-touch play: for example, in FIFA 18, a quick exit from defence to attack is practically a sentence for someone else’s team, especially if the speed was gained by such hurricane wingers as Sadio Mane. Unfolding counter-attack, your players are almost never delayed, and instantly pass the ball to a partner and burst into the empty zone.

In addition, giving the transfer, the players choose the correct trajectory, and due to this difficult passes in FIFA 18 more often find their destination than in the last part. Diagonal throws and ball head discounts have become more focused and pass from the depths and now play almost a key role. In FIFA 17 technical, but slow players like David Silva or Juan Mata often dropped out of the game, now they can one pass from the centre of the field to cut off all the lines of the opponent. This, incidentally, makes it possible to play more effectively in schemes with one striker: in FIFA 17 with too complex trajectories, the ball flew either there or did not reach the forward — in the new part, this point was corrected.


The only thing disappointing in the updated gameplay FIFA 18 — goalkeepers. Goalkeepers slightly lose in mastery, more often miss optional goals and worse control near a corner. Apparently, EA Sports want to have more goals scored in the matches. The point, of course, controversial.

Visually FIFA 18 looks more lively. Fans are now dodging the flying ball; the substitute player is handing over new coaching set-UPS to partners; pieces of turf, pulled out of the lawn, remain on the field until the end of the match, and some stadiums are strewn with all sorts of garbage like tapes and confetti

But with EA modes worked flawlessly. In FIFA 18 shook off the dust even with the “Career”, where the system of transfers is seriously transformed. In the past, buying and selling players was not too much like reality — it was too simple. In FIFA 18 transfer negotiations overgrown nuances: in the contract of the player, you can now register a retreat, after the payment of which the player can move to another team without your consent; agree on the amount of subscription bonus; specify the interest payable on the resale of the player.

At the same time, deals can now be concluded during the whole season, not only in the winter and summer window. For example, a player bought in the spring will join your team at the end of the season, in the summer. Moreover, in FIFA 18 negotiations are fully visualized: the coach to meet with representatives of the club, and then with the player and his agent, starting to discuss the amount of the transfer and the details of the contract. Well, after the completed transaction in the news will show a press conference with the rookie team.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The main thing is online entertainment, FIFA Ultimate Team, got one very important mode-Squad Battles. This is such a warm-up before the big game: here you play against other players (offline) and get different bonuses. The higher the difficulty level (you choose it yourself), the greater the reward. In fact, this is a very useful section that helps at the initial stage to accumulate on the normal composition, which is no longer ashamed to go to the divisions. For those who learn FUT for the first time, this is a great find. In addition, FUT added Champions Channel section, where you can download replays of your goals and see other people.

Also in FIFA 18 has the ability to quickly replace, and they, in my opinion, made primarily for FUT and other online modes. In past parts of frankly pissing me off stop during match, when your rival spent tens of seconds, to change tired players; now such pause must meet ostentatious because all substitutes can be to appoint in advance. In the midst of the fight, click on one button — and the right player in the field.

Last year, EA Sports surprised everyone by adding to FIFA 17 story mode The Journey, telling the rising star-Alex Hunter. FIFA 18 continues his story: the last part was mainly about the formation of a young player, and in the sequel Alex it’s time to decide who he is: always giving hope or a real leader of his team.

Yes, the script in the continuation of The Journey still naive: Alex, already a star player and a big club, squealing like a girl, seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, and too sweaty before shooting in advertising; it is easy to predict any plot twist, but the writers unnecessarily impose drama where it is not appropriate.


But the story in FIFA 18 remains a sort of fun football potpourri, where hunter goes to parties with the legendary Thierry Henri, gives an interview to Rio Ferdinand and generally becomes his highest football society. And sometimes there are even fun gameplay episodes: for example, in one of the first scenes, Alex plays in Brazil in street football on the yard box. Immediately roll great memories of FIFA Street (2012).

Who knows, maybe the Canadian Studio will embed FIFA Street a separate mode in the next part of FIFA? This, for example, has already happened to NBA Live 18.

In the updated the Journey Alex can pick up a hairstyle and choose other clothes. Importantly!

FIFA 18 retains the status of the best football simulator. I deliberately avoided in the review comparisons with the only competitor FIFA — series PES from Konami. These are games from different weight categories, and so far the level of performance demonstrated by FIFA 18 is inaccessible to Japanese developers. What do you think?