Serious Metal Detecting Review

To visit the most interesting role of an advanced treasure hunt, which will explore many locations, you can only in a realistic simulator “Serious Metal Detecting“. It is a curious thing suggested developers Basco Artem and Nikita Markin, who, apparently, realized his own dream of his offspring.

In the process of passing an exciting simulator 2017 will help the gamer to act as a real value seeker who will visit many wonderful territories. The character is waiting for a lot of exciting discoveries, interesting travel and a lot of ambiguous adventures. All items and things found by the hero, in the future you can sell for virtual money. The player will be able to buy more perfect equipment for the resources he gets. The more expensive and modern the device, the more you can find value, because you will agree-to look for treasure with an advanced metal detector is much more effective than with a device that does not have sufficient characteristics and power. Also, you can use the best metal detector for beginners Garrett Ace 250 for metal detecting and find your first big treasures!

Decided to download Serious Metal Detecting, don’t worry about the findings – they are sure to be many. The locations are hidden a lot of interesting things: it’s gold products, iron gizmos and various decorations, but, of course, periodically come across and small things. It is very interesting to find any little thing from the past. During the game, the character will also be able to find the remains of old buildings and entire settlements that have long disappeared from history, as well as solve many ancient mysteries. Take in the hands of the coolest metal detector and look for those items that have been lying in the ground for many years and waited for such an experienced treasure hunter. Let’s choose the best metal detectors and jerk for finds!