VALHALL: Medieval Battle Game By Ukrainian Developers Blackrose Arts

Last week, a young Ukrainian Studio Blackrose Arts launched on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo fundraising for a new gaming PC-project called VALHALL. Developers call VALHALL the first medieval game in the genre popular now “Royal battle”. The project promises to be hardcore, as befits a Royal battle, with outstanding combat mechanics and other features.

Events VALHALL develop in Valhalla, where the best warriors Odin back to get a sword and stop Ragnarok. In German-Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla is a heavenly Palace in Asgard, a Paradise for valiant warriors. Players (up to 50 people at a time) will have to fight with other contenders for death, in order to become the only worthy to raise the sword of Odin and save Midgard.

At the moment, there is a debut trailer, which allows to assess the features of the VALHALL gameplay.

The battles themselves can be held from both first and third person.

In VALHALL swords, axes, bows, shields and other items of equipment on the tradition of the genre are scattered throughout the map. The map itself is divided into four separate zones with its advantages and disadvantages. These areas, among other things, differ in weather conditions that affect the gameplay.

In addition, the card is programmed to slow destruction under the influence of gravitational anomaly. The latter literally gradually narrows the boundaries of the game world, splitting all objects into small particles (screenshot below).

In VALHALL even found a place parkour, so the Vikings will be able to effectively climb the tall medieval towers.

The developers also promise to optimize the game so that it provides a decent level of graphics with relatively low iron requirements. There is no exact list of minimum and recommended system requirements yet, but there is a video showing the game running at maximum settings at 60 fps on a system with Intel Core i5 4690k and GTX 960.

This summer, the developers plan to release VALHALL in early access Steam, but this is provided that everything goes according to plan.

As noted above, the release of the game developers are trying to Finance through the site Indiegogo. And while campaign is not successful: at the time of writing the news collected was $13740 – 46% from its original goal of $30 thousand However, the time, the developers still have until the end of the campaign remains 18 days. By the way, a contribution of $15 guarantees access to the version of VALHALL in Steam Early Access and a full copy of the game after its official release. Other lots with a higher Deposit amount, in addition to the game, include more different filling sets with game items.

The developers have set a few goals, in addition to the minimum, although their achievement is questionable. For example, if the project receives more than $50 thousand, they promise to add the opportunity to travel to Valhalla on horseback or Drakkar, and the capture of the highest line of $500 thousand would allow you to count on a VALHALL tournament and a unique combat mode.